Are you concerned about getting sued? If so, please make an appointment to visit with us. While we can’t stop someone from paying a filing fee and suing you, in most cases, we can make it much more difficult and expensive for that person or entity to attack your property or collect anything from you. The purpose of asset protection is to protect you from frivolous litigation, or in the event of a more serious claim, put you in a position to negotiate a fair settlement without being bullied.

We represent a wide range of clients, from high-net-worth individuals and corporations that are frequent targets of frivolous litigation, to more modest companies and families seeking protection from life’s day-to-day risks and business activities with inherent danger that just can’t be avoided.

You worked for what you have. You sacrificed. You should put plans in place now to protect what you’ve built.

Remember, your revocable family trust won’t protect you. Don’t assume you’re protected. Visit us to review your situation and discuss options.

For more information about asset protection planning and what steps best match your goals and your situation, click here to contact us for an appointment.

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