Protecting Seniors from Financial Exploitation

In an era where the financial security of our seniors is increasingly under threat, understanding and safeguarding against financial exploitation has never been more critical. Each year, countless elders fall victim to a range of financial scams and abuses, often perpetrated by strangers and, distressingly, by those they trust. These scams exploit seniors’ trust and […]

19 Essential Resources for Seniors in Nevada

May is National Elder Law Month, a time when we celebrate the contributions and achievements of our senior citizens. At Michaelson Law, we specialize in helping seniors navigate the complex legal landscape that comes with aging. We are proud to honor National Elder Law Month by providing our clients with the resources they need to […]

4 Ways to Maximize Senior Independence

February is Senior Independence Month Thoughtful legal planning is a key aspect of aging gracefully. As you enter your senior years, it is important to create documents that allow you to maximize your independence and keep your legacy intact. For most seniors, having plans in place for the healthcare, financial, and legal decisions is an […]

Caring Child or Calculating Caretaker?

As parents age and their physical and mental capacities diminish, their adult children will often step in to provide care. One child may take over the majority of day-to-day responsibilities, including things like facilitating appointment with doctors and attorneys. As this continues to happen, the parent increasingly depends on that child, and it can make […]

When Is Guardianship of an Elderly Parent Needed?

When people think of guardianship, they often think about children or disabled adults who need care. However, guardianship of an elderly or aging adult, is also fairly common. While the process is similar, there are some distinct differences between adult guardianships and minor guardianships. Additionally, the legal guardianship process can be complex. At Michaelson Law, […]

Estate Planning or Elder Law: What Do You Need?

As you get older and begin to plan for living life in retirement, you may hear the terms “estate planning” and “elder law” brought up regularly. There are some clear differences between estate planning and elder law, but they also have some important similarities. Even though these two types of law are technically utilized for […]

Signs of Elder Financial Fraud and Elder Abuse

Elder financial fraud and elder abuse and two important topics that are important to discuss and be aware of as we age.  We like to think that these issues won’t hit us or our loved ones, but elder abuse is much more common than many people realize. According to the World Health Organization, around 1 […]

When to Talk About Your Parent’s Financial Future

Finances is one of those topics that many families avoid talking about. The stigma around talking about money can leave many wondering what to do as our parents get older. But financial experts agree that waiting to talk about finances with your aging parent is a mistake, especially if they are already experiencing cognitive decline […]

Estate and Long-Term Care Planning for Veterans

Are military veterans are permitted to use their Department of Veterans Affairs benefits to help cover the cost of long-term care? The answer is, unfortunately, complicated. For example, a much-underused pension benefit known as Aid and Attendance can provide some money to cover costs for daily living assistance. Aid and Attendance benefits may even be […]

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