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What is Elder Law?

Elder Law falls under the estate planning category. Our Elder Law attorneys at Michaelson Law help many individuals and their families plan for retirement, Medicaid and Medicare covers, long-term care and healthcare, and nursing home care. Our experienced and knowledgeable team also provides guidance on other legal issues for seniors and people with disabilities.

Why Utilize Elder Law Attorneys?

Seniors are retiring in droves but are one of the most neglected demographic groups from a legal perspective. It’s not uncommon for seniors to not have access to or know how to use the internet to find what they need, leaving them vulnerable to isolation and abuse. You should start the planning process before 60 years of age. The longer you wait, the more you risk your money not being protected, or you may lose your capacity to make plans due to health issues.

With consistent reviews and updates to estate planning documents, beneficiary designations, deeds, and account tilting, family members can be satisfied, and caregivers may needlessly suffer if they need help understanding the available benefits.

What We Can Do For You

Our firm provides legal assistance in a number of practice areas including business and trust litigation, asset protection, immigration, guardianship and probate, elder law, Medicaid and VA pension benefits planning, real estate and STARK law.

We Help With Plans for Your Disabled or Dependent Child

If your child receives government benefits, consider setting up a special needs trust so they don’t lose their benefits, but the money will be available. It is also essential to think about if you’d like or if they need an appropriate trustee for your child.

We Know the Right Questions to Ask

Our Elder Law attorneys here at Michaelson Law will do everything possible to protect your and your family’s future. We ask questions you may not know need to be answered, like who will take care of your pet or if you’d like to leave your personal weapons to a gun trust, also called an NFA trust.

Medicaid Trusts and Benefits

Long-term care alternatives may be necessary if full-time caregiving is not possible. Our skilled attorneys can guide you through the complicated process of division of assets, preplanning for Medicaid benefits, and the proper use of Medicaid trusts.

Personal Representatives

If you want to appoint personal representatives, we ask the right questions. Are they trustworthy? Could a spouse get involved and do the wrong thing? If you select more than one person, are they willing to work together?

Funeral Arrangements

We want you to be prepared and preplan funeral and burial arrangements now, so everybody knows what you want and aren’t left struggling with funeral arrangements. We guide you through the process by asking questions like if you wish to be cremated or buried and which spouse you’d like to be buried with if you’ve been married more than once.

Veteran Benefits

Our accomplished attorneys are VA accredited and ready to help you obtain aid, attendance, and other VA benefits. We can assist qualified veterans, surviving spouses of veterans, or caregivers for a veteran.

End-of-Life Care

We guide people through setting up advance directives and medical power of attorney. Our attorneys ask many questions; some may pertain to your preference for life support and organ donation. Michaelson Law prides itself on taking care of our clients by recognizing when a person is not 100% able to sign medical and legal documents.

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The bottom line with Elder Law is that many factors go into it. If you want to 100% ensure the protection and security of yourself and your family, don’t do it alone. Our attorneys at Michaelson Law are kind, knowledgeable, and honest and are here to help you through this complicated decision-making process.

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