Working with an Elder Law Attorney

Baby boomers represent one of the largest generational groups in U.S. history, and Investopedia reports that they are now retiring at a rate of 10,000 per day. Seniors are retiring in droves, but they are probably one of the most neglected groups from a legal standpoint. Oftentimes, they don’t have access or know how to use the internet to find what they need – leaving them in a vulnerable position prone to isolation and abuse. While the Golden Years can be great, they can also bring dwindling income, depleted reserves, and diminished capacity. Preparing for your Golden Years is very likely the best way to ensure you enjoy those Golden Years.

What happens when you work with an elder law attorney?

Without reviews and updates to estate planning documents, beneficiary designations, deeds and account titling, family members can be left frustrated and good will can evaporate.  Further, caregivers can suffer needlessly if they do not understand the benefit options available and within reach.

The Elder law attorneys at Michaelson Law can help many contested and uncontested cases in elder law. Some of our specialties include the following elder law services:

  • Veterans Benefits

Our attorneys are VA accredited and ready to help obtain aid and attendance, and other VA benefits. We can assist qualified veterans, the surviving spouse of a qualified veteran, or caregivers for a veteran. Visit our VA Pension services page to learn more.

  • Guardianship

We handle contested and uncontested guardianship matters, as well as division of assets. The Michaelson Law’s veteran team is ready to help you navigate this difficult process with confidence and dignity. Learn more about these services in our Guardianship services page.

  • Medicaid 

Longterm care alternatives may be necessary if full-time caregiving is not possible. We can assist with the complicated process of division of assets and pre-planning for Medicaid benefits, and the proper use of Medicaid trusts. Visit our Medicaid services page to learn more.

Let our skilled and caring elder law attorneys help you stretch your savings, obtain benefits, and protect the one’s you love. If you act in time, you can resolve or dramatically improve even the most difficult situation.

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