Las Vegas Estate Planning Attorney

Can you imagine seeing your favorite movie in a theater and the projector breaks causing you to miss the last two scenes? Or, what about reading an amazing book only to find the last two chapters have been ripped out of your copy? This is what it’s like for your family when you fail to plan the last chapters of your life. This is what an experienced and educated Las Vegas estate planning attorney can help you avoid.

Being prepared is a display of love and protection for the people you care about most. Among other things. Making and periodically updating your estate plan helps you to:

  • avoid fights among your children
  • avoid confusion in elder age
  • reduce stress and anxiety on the family or your beneficiaries
  • avoid creditors taking assets from your spouse or children
  • avoid losing public benefits for a disabled beneficiary
  • avoid huge legal costs
  • avoid having your estate go to an ex-spouse or creditor of your beneficiary
  • avoid probate
  • ensure peace
  • avoid guardianship
  • set an example to your loved-ones
  • avoid hurt feelings
  • show your loved-ones you care
  • avoid having a trustee who turns out to be a bully

Make sure you do your living trust and will with a seasoned professional. At Michaelson Law, our Las Vegas estate planning attorneys work hard so we can be on top of the latest changes in Nevada law, as well as the best possible techniques to protect and preserve what you worked so hard to build. We make sure you have every option at your disposal.

When is it time to work with a Las Vegas estate planning attorney?

When deciding to work with a Nevada estate planning attorney, the following are some important factors to consider:

  • have you or someone you know been remarried – existing plans may be invalid as to new spouse
  • do you have children?
  • are any of your beneficiaries dealing with disabilities or problems handling money or responsibility?
  • how well do your kids/beneficiaries get along?
  • is there a problem of diminishing competency of someone who may need to execute an estate plan
  • are you dealing with any lawsuits/creditors?
  • is someone trying to take advantage of your parents?
  • are you, or is someone you know, currently a caregiver for someone who is incapacitated?
  • do you know who would handle your affairs if you couldn’t? Have you legally empowered them?
  • is someone besides your parents listed as a joint owner of any of their accounts or real property?
  • if you have a trust, when’s the last time it was updated? Have new assets been transferred to the trust? Are the people named in the documents still the correct choice?

For further information on our estate planning process and pricing, click here to contact an experienced Las Vegas estate planning attorney at Michaelson Law, or call our office at 702-731-2333.

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