Legal Minute with Michaelson Law: Beware of Joint Accounts and Beneficiary Designations

Welcome back to another Legal Minute with Michaelson Law. In every episode, John Michaelson will answer your biggest questions and share examples of some of the most common avoidable legal situations we see regularly in estate planning, elder law, and business law. In this week’s episode, John is talking more about estate planning, joint accounts, and beneficiary designations.
Taking the time to prepare for the end of your life is essential. We put a premium on where we live, go to school, etc. and estate planning should be one of those things.  To keep estate planning simple, some may choose to set up joint accounts without realizing the potential cons of this method. Beneficiary Designations is another tempting option that may or may not work for your situation. Click the video to learn more from John on both of these options.
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