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Michaelson Law represents various outstanding individuals and businesses throughout Nevada when litigation is needed. These matters range from simple prelitigation services to complex litigation and appeals when necessary. When civilized disputes become uncivil, litigation may be required. Working with a law firm that will not shy away from finding solutions is essential so you receive the representation you deserve. Our experienced attorneys at Michaelson Law have built a strong reputation for quality results in guardianship, probate, and business law with individuals and small and large businesses. We have defended clients or prosecuted claims in the areas of:
  • Real estate litigation: commercial, not tenant disputes
  • Business and estate litigation
  • contested estates

We Have You Covered in the Following Litigation Practice Areas


Whether you’re part of a business or a resident of Las Vegas working with a business, you may be concerned with how the company conducts itself. Here are a few business litigation claims we can help you with issues like employment, franchise, and contract disputes.


Estate litigation disputes may occur concerning the assets of someone who has passed away. In most cases, estate litigation proceedings focus on determining the will’s validity, issues of testamentary capacity or undue influence, and challenges to have a choice verified or declared void.


You may consider Probate litigation whenever you question what a loved one is doing or has done with their estate. If you are an executor or trustee, you may question how you administer a will, estate, trust, or trust estate. A probate litigation attorney can help you with breach of fiduciary duties, contesting a will, and undue influence.


Litigation cases about guardianship usually occur from disputes over the most appropriate person to serve as a guardian. In some cases, litigation is necessary because of an allegation that an appointed guardian has neglected, abused, or stolen from their ward. You may need guardianship litigation to remove a current guardian who needs to follow through with their agreed-upon responsibilities.

Real Estate

Buying real estate, whether commercial or residential, is likely the most significant purchase someone will make in their lifetime. Real estate litigation is complex, but our trusted attorneys at Michael Law can help! Here are a few of the most common reasons an individual may need real estate litigation:

  • Breach of sales or lease agreements
  • Failure to disclose property defects
  • Landlord/Tenant disputes
  • Boundary disputes

Michaelson Law Civil Litigation

Our experienced litigation attorneys communicate with you often to keep you in the loop regarding progress on your matter and to ensure you understand both the courtroom process and your bill so that you are as comfortable with the process as possible. We want our clients to know what to expect at all times!

Whether your complex situation is related to a business or estate, or the health and property of your loved one, our dedicated team of Las Vegas litigation attorneys at Michaelson Law is ready to work hard for you both in and out of the courtroom!

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