Michaelson & Associates Talks Estate Planning in Nevada on LV Channel 13 Morning Blend 

Did you catch Michaelson & Associates on Channel 13, Las Vegas Morning Blend? John Michaelson had the opportunity to speak more about estate planning and the importance of estate planning in Nevada. Some key takeaways from John’s interview include the following: 

  • Estate planning is important for people of all ages. 
  • Estate planning consists of saying what you want to happen and the type of care you want if something bad happens, which can happen at any time. 
  • We’ve seen an uptick in estate litigation, which can get messy and expensive. 
  • Proper estate planning provides protection and avoids litigation.  
  • Fill-in estate planning forms found online can be problematic. 
  • Getting your estate plan updated regularly is not that difficult, but it is worth it. 

See the full video below and reach out to Michaelson & Associates to get your Nevada estate plan and asset protection in place.

Nevada Estate Planning with Michaelson & Associates


Protect your legacy through estate planning. 

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