When is Guardianship of an Elderly Parent Needed?

When people think of guardianship, they often think about a minor child in the care of a designated adult family member or friend, or perhaps a disabled adult child who needs care after turning 18. However, guardianship of an elderly or aging adult, usually a parent, who is losing their physical and mental health capacities is also fairly common. While the process is similar, there are some distinct differences when

Estate Planning During a Pandemic

Whether you are young or old, COVID-19 has us all thinking about our mortality and health more these days. This pandemic took us all by surprise, did you have your affairs in order before? According to one study, approximately 1/3 of all Americans did not have an up-to-date estate plan as of 2017. We expect and hope that number will rise in 2020. Now that we are all thinking about

Alzheimer’s Disease and What to Know for Your Estate Plan

Did you know that there are over 400 different types of dementia? The number of different types is staggering but the most common cause of dementia is due to Alzheimer’s disease. At least, that’s what the Alzheimer’s Association‘s published 2020 Facts and Figures reports. Other relatively common types of dementia include vascular, Lewy Body disease, frontotemporal dementia, and early-onset dementia. No matter the type, dementia can be traumatizing for both

Isolation May Increase the Risk of Elder Abuse

Older adults represent some of the most at-risk American citizens because of COVID-19. Many of them are choosing to stay home to lower their risk of infection as the rest of the world begins to open up. With the coronavirus spreading throughout communities and no sign of a vaccine yet, elderly adults are choosing to put their health before their well-being. The American Bar Association (ABA) reports that an unfortunate

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