What to Do if a Family Member Dies Without a Will

Estate planning is an important process that includes setting up trusts, wills, and POAs. No matter your age or asset level, having a will is beneficial. According to a recent survey, nearly 33 percent of Americans have no estate plan at all, and that includes a basic will. With over 1/3rd of the country unprepared, it is likely that you have a parent or family member who will die without

Reduce Your Risk of Probate Litigation

There are many family circumstances that can increase the risk of probate litigation when someone passes. They all come down to basically the same fight: families disagreeing on how to handle the estate of a loved one who dies. High-risk factors that often bring about probate litigation can include sibling rivalry, a large estate, second marriages with no prenuptial agreement, a dysfunctional family, and a non-standard (or non-existent) estate plan.

What to Know About Contesting a Will

After the death of a loved one, how they prepared and what estate planning they did becomes apparent quickly. When a loved one dies with a will, the family may or may not be happy with what winds up being on the will. They will typically go through a court-ordered process, called probate, to determine the validity of the will.  For many reasons, beneficiaries can become upset by what they

Estate Planning Terms to Know

National Estate Planning Awareness Week was first established in 2008 to help the public gain a better understanding of the importance of estate planning. Estate planning is one of those things that everybody needs to do, yet only approximately half of Americans have an up-to-date estate plan in place. Regardless of your age or financial situation, you need estate planning to protect you, your family, and your assets should you

Estate Planning During a Pandemic

Whether you are young or old, COVID-19 has us all thinking about our mortality and health more these days. This pandemic took us all by surprise, did you have your affairs in order before? According to one study, approximately 1/3 of all Americans did not have an up-to-date estate plan as of 2017. We expect and hope that number will rise in 2020. Now that we are all thinking about

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