The Importance of End-Of-Life Planning

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No one likes discussing the inevitable topic that is death, but it is essential to create a plan to prepare yourself and your loved ones best after you have passed on. We’ve put together a brief guide to preparing for the end of your life, and if you have any questions regarding any legalities, consult with one of our experienced estate planning attorneys.

Benefits of End-Of-Life Planning

Pre-planning your funeral is a personal decision, and there’s no right or wrong way to go about what you desire to happen. The most important thing is to communicate your wishes to your loved ones and ensure that your values and beliefs are honored. Preparing for your funeral can be practical and considerate for several reasons.

Alleviating Emotional & Financial Stress

Thinking about and planning for your future funeral plans isn’t fun, but it’s vital! Planning alleviates the burden your loved ones would experience emotionally and financially. It will be a challenging time to make decisions on your behalf, and they could make decisions that cost more than what you had in mind. Create a plan, so your loved ones don’t have to do anything but implement it when the time comes.

Ensuring Your Wishes Are Honored

The most beneficial thing about end-of-life planning is ensuring that your wishes, desires, and other post-death plans are made the way you want them to be. You can specify details about the service, music, personal touches, cremation vs burial, etc.

Emotional Closure

There is comfort in taking charge of your end-of-life plans because you know everything will be taken care of to your satisfaction. It can also be part of accepting mortality and relieving your anxiety about the unknown.

Saving Money

Pre-planning your funeral means you can start saving money and pre-paying for any arrangements you wish to have. You can reduce costs, saving you and your family money and alleviating financial stress.

End-Of-Life Checklist

Research, Research, Research!

There are various end-of-life options through multiple companies and funeral homes. Make sure you do your research to find the best option for you. Funeral directors are experts on everything from types of caskets to setting up a memorial fund. If you choose the funeral home route, ask the funeral directors at a few places for a general price list to know what goods and services they offer. Share any special requests, no matter how unique, to ensure they can accommodate your needs.

Consider Your Budget

Planning your funeral ahead of time can save you money! There are various options for people to take advantage of to help with funeral planning financially. Some seniors may not know that Medicare and Medicaid have coverage options for funerals! Look at your policy or talk to an agent to ensure you can get the most out of your policy. Aside from Medicare and Medicaid, there are various options to set money aside for your funeral, including:

  • Payable-on-death savings account
  • Funeral home prepayment
  • Whole life insurance
  • Burial insurance

How Do You Want to be Remembered?

End-of-life planning is a personal thing. Ask yourself personal questions that you could use for your funeral plans like:

  • What songs or hymns do I want to use?
  • Do I like a specific quote on my tombstone or urn?
  • Do I want to include my favorite hobby?
  • What is my favorite color?
  • What are my favorite flowers?
  • Do I want an open or closed casket?

How Do You Want to be Laid to Rest?

Most people choose either being buried or being cremated. You can base this decision on your personal preferences and how you feel your loved ones will want to honor you. In recent years, many more unique ways to be laid to rest have come up, like planting yourself to grow into a beautiful tree. If you prefer the more traditional methods, consider the following:

  • What type of coffin do I want?
  • Do I want to be embalmed?
  • What kind of urn do I want?

End-Of-Life Document Checklist

Like everything in life, documents and signatures are needed for end-of-life. Make sure you have the following documents, if applicable, to ensure a smooth process:

  • Living Will
  • Living Trust
  • Power of Attorney
  • Last Will & Testament
  • Portable medical orders
  • Organ and tissue donation designation

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